Thursday, June 8, 2017

weird thing: (for your amusement) a while back, my phone was set to remind me to "buy a spring" (to keep gate closed) when I arrive at the local Lowe's. (That way It won't alarm until I'm actually physically there). For whatever reason, however, it went off several times while just laying on the coffee table! No other reminder did that that though I had others set. I was thinking about that and mentioned it to James today and he said that, "oh, I forgot to tell you, but I found a spring in the basement yesterday." So. There you go... Helpful ghost. Life at Moore's continues

Monday, June 5, 2017

This was back a couple of years in February...for those who don't know, I paint pictures etc on glass windows for holidays and for sales at a few local businesses.

   So I'm standing in front of a window at local steakhouse where I had just painted a bull, so that I could get an idea for how cold it would feel to me later that day when I was to paint another window. I was imagining HOLDING my art brush so It seemed that I was making a fist as I complained to James about how frozen my fingers would feel as I starred into space and/or at the current painting. I'm sure I had my quite serious concentration face on.  At this point, I hear James quietly saying-- they're having a meeting-- i ignored him-- again he said -they're having a meeting right there--- finally I realized that James (who was several feet away from me) was pointing out that it appeared I that I was threatening and SHAKING MY FIST at a full table of very confused uniformed sheriff DEPUTIES who were having a breakfast meeting 2 feet from from me. I just did not see them! Of course this got me tickled so I about lost my ability to stand. Needless to say I got a lot of strange looks from the law when I finally walked in.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


What I have learned about myself within past couple of days:
1) My things will disappear and reappear randomly and without warning in ways that are not seemingly possible.  I am pretty sure that is is because I'm followed by a portable void that absorbs, then randomly restores my belongings.  
2) If  someone leaves a grocery bag on a counter while my bag is also on grocery counter, I WILL carry that bag home with me. 
3) Conversely, If I do not see my purchase on counter, I will leave it behind for pick up at a future date. 
4)  Going into a store in order to obtain a specific object will in no way guarantee that said object will indeed be obtained.  In fact, it is much more likely that multiple trips will be involved over a course of 2-3 days before success is achieved.  
6) Allowing batman (aka poppy) to play with Dylan alone will likely end in said child mysteriously covered in house paint and mud. 
7) My hair looks best when styled by rain and wind. 
So. There you go. I'm sure there's more to learn.