Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I'm getting even more spacey these days. I tried to walk through an exit door today, and when it did not open, I just stood there, helplessly and confusedly pressing my body against the glass. Finally, James walked up behind me and informed me that that was not a door that would open and pointed me in the proper direction. The thing is, it took several hours for what I had done to hit me.. which then tickled me.. which made me giggle out loud in an inappropriate place.. the check out at the dollar store. Then... upon realizing how embarrassing that was... I became even more tickled and started laughing more- because i know i'm not supposed to do that like that, so tried to smother it. However, when I got to Niece Lisa's car, as we were together, I had to cut loose with guffaws, chortles, snorts, snickers, and loud peals of laughter, which confused her terribly, but just got me more worked up. She said she glanced over, that she thought my eyes might be literally popping out. That comment was not helpful as it made me think of the hyenas in "roger rabbit" and how they died of laughter. My sides and belly were aching and I then started making little grunting and squeaking sounds between breaths, which for some unknown reason, slayed me further. Lisa became alarmed and threatened to call my daughter, Jayme, which sort of helped me get a grip- as we all sort of fear Jayme. It was just crazy, fun, but crazy. I'm guessing you had to be there.. or be me.